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The Black Lincoln Collective was established in 2001, upon discovery of the legendary Black Lincoln statue. Unearthed in the sleepy town of Piedmont, South Carolina, the Black Lincoln statue is a testament to all human's, regardless of color or creed, equality and self-evident rights to exist. Once the digital age descended upon the Black Lincoln Collective, there was no other choice but to use this tool to shout from the digital mountain tops and declare the BLC's mission for all to hear.

Now's your chance to join the collective, and follow the BLC's antics and adventures every week on your favorite podcast app. Make sure you pledge your support for the BLC by tweeting the show at

Meet the Collective


Allan is truly the madman behind the glass, combining his love of listening with his love of pushing buttons, Allan is our lead engineer, and resident Arnold expert. On the rare occasion that Allan graces the podcast with his angelic voice, you can be sure that something profoud and well-thoughtout is about to enlighten your ears.


Our resident bad boy, Fred's Golden locks and rock-hard abs truly set the tone for every episode of the BLC Podcast. Fred's mastery of the stock-market and pop culture is only rivaled by his silky-smoot delivery and silver tongue. Tune in today to let Fred's dulcimer tone take you to the land of unicorns and fairies.


The defacto host of the BLC Podcast, Parker specializes in make enflammatory and unneccesary jokes, usually at the expense of the show. His impressions need work, and his jokes are barely funny, but he provides the beer, so the guys keep him around. Listen to see what dumb stuff he's up to this week.

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